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Kyle Reid

7:30 pm Dec. 13, 2018

Kyle Reid.jpg

Acclaimed guitar picker Kyle Reid, front man for Kyle Reid and the Low Swinging Chariots, returns with his timeless jazz and swing guitar to the The Factory Showroom in an evening of acoustic originals, sprinkled in with some holiday classics.

Close your eyes and you will be transported to a Dust Bowl speakeasy. But keep them open so you don't miss his picking.

The band leader of the Low Swinging Chariots left Oklahoma for  to live and work in Kansas City and New Orleans, two cities that contributed mightily to the original roots-infused music he plays.

Reid has returned and fortified his “swing guitar from the Heartland” outfit once again. He fronts his own band, plays solo shows, and mentors some of the top red dirt performers in Oklahoma, including Annie Oakley, Ken Pomeroy, John Calvin Abney and many, many more.

“I appreciated Kansas City and New Orleans for their individuality and history,” Reid said. “I got a lot of inspiration from them. I feel like I put them into my fuel tank and hit the gas back in Norman.”

Some of that high-octane stimulus has included experimenting with different ways of making music.  He is also an accomplished crafter of cigar box guitars and brings with him his style of cigar box blues.

This shouldn’t be surprising for an artist who has a reverence for sounds from the past.  His deep vocals harken a Leon Redbone vibe, and his upbeat, bouncing acoustics will season an evening that won't soon be forgotten.

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